VMWARE vSphere Client Direct Downloads

I was working in a clients system across a rather POOR VPN connection and I needed to install their version of the vSphere client... Not from their server I was not!
Enter Joseph Turley's blog for the win!


Download vSphere Client 5.5 Update 2: VMware-viclient-all-5.5.0-1993072.exe
Download vSphere Client 5.5 Update 1b: VMware-viclient-all-5.5.0-1880841.exe
Download vSphere Client 5.5 Update 1VMware-viclient-all-5.5.0-1618071.exe
Download vSphere Client 5.5: VMware-viclient-all-5.5.0-1281650.exe

How come everyone else has the great ideas for useful posts?!
I stand on the shoulders of giants.

If you have not you should check out Joseph's site. Full of useful knowledge and other digital goodness.


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