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View Client Certificate authentication phenomenon and fix

Situation: Deployment of View Client 5.4.x in production environment. Issue: Massive delay on connection to connection server from client. Background & Troubleshooting: TEST FROM ALT HARDWARE – DIRECT CONNECT LAN "2014-06-27","11:03:40","ComputerName" / Latency "1.37 ms", / WRITE "453.5648800", /READ "Mbps","205.2395120","Mbps” Connection to VIEW CONNECTION SERVER is 5 seconds from alt hardware (My laptop) using on floor network cable and port. NOTE ON NETWORK: Speed tests on alternate hardware showed  a connection at over 400 Mbps (10 test AVERAGE) TEST FROM LOCAL HARDWARE – DIRECT CONNECT LAN NOTE ON NETWORK: Testing the local system again shows surprisingly fast results with transfer times @ 1/10th of a second per 1MB. (10 test AVERAGE) Connection to  VIEW CONNECTION SERVER is 60+ seconds from production hardware using on floor netowork cable and port. At this point it looks like the c

VMware Tools on Linux

I have found myself doing a lot of work on Linux VMs lately. Thus a lot of VMware tools installs on systems I am not at home in. This method from VMware Support resources works on every flavor I have used to date: NOTE: This was written for 5.0 but works for any version. Just check your mounted CD for your version as it will change the command structure. 3. As root ( su - ), mount the VMware Tools virtual CD-ROM image, change to a working directory (for example,  /tmp ), uncompress the installer, then unmount the CD-ROM image. Note:  Some Linux distributions automatically mount CD-ROMs. If your distribution uses automounting, do not use the mount and umount commands below. You still must untar the VMware Tools installer to  /tmp . Some Linux distributions use different device names or organize the  /dev  directory differently. If your CD-ROM drive is not  /dev/cdrom  or if the mount point for a CD-ROM is not  /mnt/cdrom , you must modify the following commands to

Exchange 2010 DAG - Cluster Event 1579

I am in the process of changing my backup structure to EMCs Avamar and Datadomain. Avamar provides a granular restore functionality for Exchange 2010 and using a DAG component for the VSS enabled backup of your data stores. Part of the setup process is to create a DNS entry for the cluster object manually before running Avamar's DAG configuration tool. After running the tool and setting everything up I noticed this warning and error in my clusters event log: Warning Event ID: 1196 Cluster network name resource 'YourClusterNameHereresource' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason: DNS operation refused. Error Event ID: 1579 Cluster network name resource 'YourClusterNameHere' failed to update the DNS record for name 'YourClusterNameHere' over adapter 'YourAdapterNameHere'. The error code was 'DNS operation refused. (9005)'. Ensure that a DNS server is accessible from this cluster node and cont

In the beginning of things...

Hello Internet, Being a technologist and being able work in technology is a gift. Being able to write is not a gift, but a talent that is earned. Recently, I had an engineer onsite to work on my companies VDI road map. During our work we got to talking about different emergent technologies and I was impressed with his knowledge of products both recently on the market and pending release. When I asked him how he kept track of it all his response was simple, "I blog." Turns out every time he solves a problem for a client, works through an issue in his home lab, or sees new tech he writes a blog post about it. He has a very large blog. To that end I am going to attempt the same and hopefully in the process improve my writing skills, my use of punctuation, and overall wordsmithing. (I know that is not a word... off to a great start!)