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View Client Certificate authentication phenomenon and fix

Situation: Deployment of View Client 5.4.x in production environment. Issue: Massive delay on connection to connection server from client. Background & Troubleshooting: TEST FROM ALT HARDWARE – DIRECT CONNECT LAN "2014-06-27","11:03:40","ComputerName" / Latency "1.37 ms", / WRITE "453.5648800", /READ "Mbps","205.2395120","Mbps” Connection to VIEW CONNECTION SERVER is 5 seconds from alt hardware (My laptop) using on floor network cable and port. NOTE ON NETWORK: Speed tests on alternate hardware showed  a connection at over 400 Mbps (10 test AVERAGE) TEST FROM LOCAL HARDWARE – DIRECT CONNECT LAN NOTE ON NETWORK: Testing the local system again shows surprisingly fast results with transfer times @ 1/10th of a second per 1MB. (10 test AVERAGE) Connection to  VIEW CONNECTION SERVER is 60+ seconds from production hardware using on floor netowork cable and port. At this point it looks like the c