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VMware Horizon Client - Ubuntu 16.04 / Elementary OS Loki

I have been using google-fu for the past two weeks in an attempt to get the latest Linux Horizon Client running on Elementary OS Loki x64. For those not familiar Elementary OS is an awesome distro based on Ubuntu. Link Here: The latest version Loki is based on the extended support Ubuntu 16.04. As with all things new it can be difficult to find clear documentation on how to get all the extended requirements functional. So here is the step by step: 1. Download latest Horizon Client for Linux At time of writing this was 2. Install bundle: sudo ./VMware-Horizon-Client-4.2.0-4329640.x64.bundle 3. Accept ULA and accept defaults unless you want to customize for your needs 4. This is the tricky bit. We need a 32 bit library and we need need to fake out the client into thinking its an old version. Get 32 bit library: sudo apt-get install libudev1:i386