Friday, March 14, 2014

In the beginning of things...

Hello Interweb,
Being a technologist and being able work in technology is a gift.
Being able to write for spit is NOT a gift.

Recently, I had an engineer onsite to work on my companies VDI road map. During our work we got to talking about different emergent technologies and I was impressed with his knowledge of products both recently on the market and pending release. When I asked him how he kept track of it all his response was simple, "I blog." Turns out every time he solves a problem for a client, works through an issue in his home lab, or sees new tech he writes a blog post about it. He has a very large blog.

To that end I am going to attempt the same and hopefully in the process improve my writing skills, my use of punctuation, and overall wordsmithing. (I know that is not a word... off to a great start.)

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