Thursday, March 20, 2014

Exchange 2010 DAG - Cluster Event 1579

I am in the process of changing my backup structure to EMCs Avamar and Datadomain.
Avamar provides a granular restore functionality for Exchange 2010 and using a DAG component for the VSS enabled backup of your data stores.
Part of the setup process is to create a DNS entry for the cluster object manually before running Avamar's DAG configuration tool. After running the tool and setting everything up I noticed this warning and error in my clusters event log:

Warning Event ID: 1196
Cluster network name resource 'YourClusterNameHereresource' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:
DNS operation refused.

Error Event ID: 1579
Cluster network name resource 'YourClusterNameHere' failed to update the DNS record for name 'YourClusterNameHere' over adapter 'YourAdapterNameHere'. The error code was 'DNS operation refused. (9005)'. Ensure that a DNS server is accessible from this cluster node and contact your DNS server administrator to verify the cluster identity can update the DNS record

I turned to my good friend Google and I was given the follow web site:

After reading all of this === BLAH!

At the very bottom first comment is the answer. You manually created the DNS entry for the cluster. Thus you must grant the cluster AD object ownership of its DNS record.
After going into DNS and granting FULL permissions to the cluster object for its DNS record the problem is solved and event logging happy once again. Thank you very much IronPeddle.

Friday, March 14, 2014

In the beginning of things...

Hello Interweb,
Being a technologist and being able work in technology is a gift.
Being able to write for spit is NOT a gift.

Recently, I had an engineer onsite to work on my companies VDI road map. During our work we got to talking about different emergent technologies and I was impressed with his knowledge of products both recently on the market and pending release. When I asked him how he kept track of it all his response was simple, "I blog." Turns out every time he solves a problem for a client, works through an issue in his home lab, or sees new tech he writes a blog post about it. He has a very large blog.

To that end I am going to attempt the same and hopefully in the process improve my writing skills, my use of punctuation, and overall wordsmithing. (I know that is not a word... off to a great start.)